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Rifle & Pistol Range Policy
Our Range Safety Officers are provided to maintain a safe, clean and professional shooting facility.  Members and non-members who use or are planning on using the Rifle & Pistol range are encouraged to review our Rifle and Pistol Range Policy and General Gun Safety and General Range Rules.  If you have any questions or concerns with any of the content, please contact anyone on the Executive Board for assistance.

Rifle & Pistol Range Policy (PDF)
Gun Safety & Range Rules (PDF)

Range Safety Office Information

Schedule requests and reschedule arrangements should be submitted to Curt Hinshaw(curt-apr-sch@outlook.com

Rifle & Pistol  Hours: Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
Winter Hours 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Range Safety Officer Schedule 
January2018 RSOSchedule
February 2018 RSO Schedule (Preliminary)

March 2018 RSO Schedule (Preliminary)


for Redmond Rod & Gun Club, Rifle/Pistol/Archery Ranges.

With the onset of the winter season and inclement weather I have placed the above indicated policy in effect.  On days when the outside temperature is 20 degrees or less in the AM, as measured at the residence of the scheduled Range Safety Officer, the RSO has the choice not to pen the ranges due to the inclement weather.  In that case, the RSO will notify myself and I will notify the information person and the Club President of that fact so several of us are able to disperse that info as needed.

So if you get up to come to the range, and is less than 20 degrees out, please call either the Club information person or the Club President as listed on the Club web page or myself at 541-279-3444 for up to the minute information.

This situation could also occur with the afternoon shift if the weather fails to improve and the temperature increase.

While we will make every attempt to keep the ranges open daily, we will not place the well being of our volunteers in danger.
William Layton




Effective with the morning opening of the rifle and pistol ranges on 01/13/2018, there will be a policy change implemented with regards to use of the steel targets and magnum rounds on the RR&GC Ranges.

POLICY CHANGE: Due to the extensive wear and tear on the steel targets provided for shooters and the continually mounting cost of having those targets refurbished for use, I am initiating a policy change in the conditions for shooting at those targets.

Effective with the opening shift on 01/13/2018, shooters will no longer be permitted to use Magnum rounds on the steel targets on either the rifle or pistol ranges other than .22 caliber, rim fire rounds. All other Magnum calibers will be prohibited from use on the steel targets. Shooters are still welcome to shoot at paper targets and clay pigeons placed on the extreme rear berm.

The steel targets have been provided for our customers for quite an extensive time and we will continue to provide them. However, with the damage caused by Magnum rounds we can no longer afford to have them constantly disabled by those rounds.

The Club Rule concerning the non-use of Armor Piercing, Tracers, and Full Automatic remain in place and are not altered by this Policy Change.

William Layton

Director – Rifle/Pistol