Meet at Barn at 8:00 a.m. for assignments.  Need volunteers to help lay out the planned installation site for covers over training range.
Bring gloves, shovels (square ones if you have them), steel rakes, a couple of driving mauls, NO WHEELBARROWS THIS TIME.  Could possibly use a pick or two if available.,
I will pick up the necessary stakes from the 7 bay bulding as well as a 100' tape.  I will also bring several 50' tapes just in case. 
I have one three foot level and we could probably use a couple more.,
No need for ladders as we are not doing any off ground work this time around.
No heavy work anticipated either.

We are going to:
Locate and mark the necessary cement mounting pads for movement by mechanical means.
Get a good measurement of distances apart on the covers for leg installation so we know where to prep for the mounting pads.
Mark and hand excavate locations for cement mounting blocks on the current cinder covered firing ine.
Stake all locations in preparation for installing covers.

Bill Layton
Dir. R/P