Planned projects as follows:

1.  Apply roof sealant material to top of conex.  Need two individuals who are comfortable working several feet off the ground to apply the material.  Also need a couple of 10' minimum extension ladders to get folks up on top of the conex.  If you can volunteer for this one I would suggest you bring 'old, ratty clothes and shoes'.  I will get the material and a couple of old style string mops to use in the application process.
2.  Break down all the new boxes of steel targets and get them assembled.  We will then store them back in the conex for future use.  Need to have an assortment of wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, etc as there are a lot of nuts and bolts of various sizes.
3.  Rearrange interior of the range building.  Need to redo the shelving that is inside as it currently is not efficently arranged.  Want to be able to get to everything we possibly can off the floor and on a shelf.  As currently arranged we are loosing usable shelf space.
4.  Request that everyone that has a shovel and steel yard rake bring them.  If I can get a load of gravel delivered on Thursday AM we will also do the edge work required to get is properly spread.  Anyone with a wheelbarrow is requested to bring it along in case we need to move gravel to fill in spots that the truck cannot reach to dump.  Have one but could use at least one more.
5.  On an easier note, we will also hold a brief instruction period on how to turn the new generator on and off, how to hook it up, as well as individual steps to secure it when it is turned off in the evening after the last shift.
Sally has promised fresh cookies for this work party.  For those of you who have not been on previous work parties, you will get a chance to find out what you have been missing!
If you are willing, I hope to see you at the work party.  The weather is changing and we need to get some things done before the weather turns against us.
Bill Layton